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About the kennel

Hello! I am pleased to welcome you to the site of Crom Hunter Kennel! My name is Kate Rychkova - I and my family are the owners of kennel.

Our kennel is registered in FCI in 2010 and was named «Crom Hunter» that means Hunting vault at the ancient language of British Isles.

First Breed of kennel is a beagle. The first beagle in our family came in 2007 - this is a wonderful dog Bruno, who was purchased for my training in the specialty "Cynology" based on the state of the institution. At the end of the public education I received an honors degree, and we defended with Bruno practice in obedience to perfect. Many times Bruno starred in commercials, television shows, it is herethat we began our fascination in beagles.

First breed-class beagle and founder of our kennel was beautiful and elegant female from one of the oldest kennels Tergy (Czech Republic) - Jewel Tergy aka Jeva. It combines the blood of Australian, American and Finnish beagles. At the moment she has 5 litters, her childs have excellent results on the show, and some of them are real hunters and show remarkable results in hunting.

One else interesting beagle acquisition in the kennel was a bitch from Czech kennel Perla Vltavy - Night Wonder Perla Vltavy «Santa" - daughter of International Champion Summer Storm From Elly's Pack. Santa has already been successfully addressed the first International Festival of the Beagle and became Best young dog in festival in her three month.


Now, we have some great beagles from different kennels all over the world. All of them have interesting bloodlines in pedigrees and also they are very sucsessfull in show. Many thanks to all breeders who trust this dogs for us: Anna Krejzkova and Jolana Michalcova from Czech Republik, Anne Vitikainen and Miikka Toivola from Finland, Cassie Miller from USA, Liana Hyiskens from Belgium, Tina and Tomas Rossman from France!      

Also our kennel started to breeding in breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The story of buying a Staffbull started a year ago with a sad event when a rainbow ran our first dog -  American bulldog Ellie. After living for six months without it, we realized that we really miss the dog bully type. After much deliberation, it was decided in favor of stuffbull. Played a huge role small increase, and of course, the famous charming smile by stuffbull. Few months we have seen a variety of kennels in Russia and Europe, looking for our stuffbull. The choice fell on young Ukrainian Kennel Skylark Song - from where we brought our girl Aquarelle For Crom Hunter Skylark Song «Kira" - black pearl of our kennel.

With all of our dogs we are actively engaged in training, and some of them plan to show at the event in such sports like GCT (general course of training), BH (Companion Dog), Agility (steeplechase) and freestyle (dancing with dogs).

Thank to breeders of our dogs, which we imported to Russia, for the trust, as well thank our co-owners, who cooperate with the kennel and are loving and caring some dog kennel. Thank you.

Best Regards, Kate Kapustina,

Professional dog trainer,

Owner of the kennel «Crom Hunter»



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